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Hi, viewers.

Today, my post is of a Lego city disco, for those who like to boogie! All you need is a small building, some colourful, flat peices, a radio and some groovy looking minifigures! First, once you’ve got your building decided, put the colourful planks covering the floor to make it look like it lights up. Then, put in a radio with speakers and other equipment. Finally, fix in some people and…  theres you’re disco! [you might want to put in a d.j.]


WEEKLY PIC-Skeleton Army!

This is my fleet of skeletons I’ve been collecting since I was 7. Most of them I’ve bought online on Ebay or Amazon, so if you like the idea of having your own little army like this go online and you can get them for about £2.00 each.


Top for Lego fans!

This week, for my top for Lego fans, I decided to do a Lego box. This is basically a small, portable tub for transporting Lego figures, accessories and bricks. I have one and is very useful for taking my Lego items to school. All I have to say is that the box can’t fit in my pocket, so it’s annoying to store when I’m running about. You could even customise it with stickers or drawings for a finishing touch [something I’ve not got round to doing yet!]

All together 4 1/2 stars, Billy.

Find in hardware/stationery stores such as Wilkinsons or Rymans

duplo tiger enclosure

Good morning, Lego fans!

For my Lego duplo zoo [ which I’m finishing today] I decided to make a tiger enclosure. It was fun making it as with an animal like a tiger you need to fill its cage with toys, so it never gets bored. I made a stand, a tap, a den with trees and rocks, a swing AND a rope bridge! Have a great time making your own enclosures,


Duplo elephant enclosure

Hi Lego fans!
For my first post, as I don’t currently have much access to Lego, I decided to make a Duplo zoo, or an elephant enclosure to be precise. I decorated it with a stand for papa elephant, a food bowl and a stream to drink from. To make a simple model like this all you need to do is imagine an object and think what bricks you could use. For example, when I was creating the stream I used blue bricks  for the water but a lighter shade for the sunlight  hitting the water. This is a simple but EXTREMELY important tip to make better, more impressive models.


Bye, Billy.

loopy lego


My name is Billy  and I love lego! I’m determined to show anyone, old or young, how to create different models, houses, vehicles and other inventions to suit them. whether its lego star wars, city,  harry potter or many more lego themes, I’ll do my best to post helpful tips and comments to further your Lego knowledge. Currently my blog is quite small, but keep in tune and this website will grow, and grow, and grow-just like your Lego collection!